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Resikom New Website goes live!

After a long process we would to invite everyone to explore our brand new website.  As you will notice a brand new logo has also been created to give us a more modern feel.  There is also a resource centre which provides BREEAM guides and data sheets of the products we supply.  Steven Page, Director of Resikom Limited commented. “The previous site was not providing us with the results we wanted to achieve.  We were not being found on search engines which meant customers were not finding us.  So just over one year ago we started investigating the possibility of upgrading our existing site.  After discussions with our web design partners Designvent and in particular John Whalvin we decided to create a dedicated liquid leak detection site as an offshoot of our main site.  Now today we finally get to reveal all the hard work that has taken place over the last year.  With that said I would like to say thank you to everyone that has been involved in making this project a success.”

Protection for U.S. Aquarium

When the facilities management team at Kentucky’s Newport Aquarium needed a 24/7 monitoring system, capable of quick and easy detection and location of water and fuel leaks, as well as alerting them in time to instigate an effective response, they specified a TraceTek monitoring system from Tyco Thermal Controls, world leaders in industrial, commercial and environmental liquid leak detection solutions.

Leaks can cause costly damage in almost any situation but in a one million gallon aquarium showcasing thousands of animals from around the world, the consequences of a leak could be disastrous, causing malfunctions in critical support systems and threatening the life of the marine animals.

TraceTek provided Newport Aquarium with the optimum solution using Tyco Thermal Controls’ TraceTek leak detection systems. The TraceTek TT1000 sensing cable quickly reacts to the presence of water and triggers an alarm. For fuel leak detection, the TraceTek Fast Fuel Sensor (FFS) probe triggers an alarm within a few seconds of initial contact with hydrocarbons. These high integrity sensors can be re-used many times as the probes will reset once removed and any fuel residue evaporates or is cleaned off.

TraceTek and the aquariums’ facilities team worked together closely throughout the design and installation process. The company’s turnkey solution approach allowed the team to integrate training into their daily responsibilities. They were taught how to understand and maintain the systems operational capabilities. Just having it installed gave them peace of mind but they are now capable of getting the most out of the system, ensure its integrity and undertake the correct monitoring procedures.

As well as designing the system to monitor areas that have already been a problem or deemed most important immediately, it’s set up for easy plug and play and future expansion. As other areas throughout the site present a need for continuous monitoring of leaks, TraceTek can add the area to the existing modular system at little extra cost.

Eleven water sensing probes were strategically installed throughout the facility to monitor all areas and equipment where water leaks pose a risk including pumps, flanges, valves, filters, tanks etc. and the IT/Server Data Room. These are supported with Sensor Interface Modules and a central control panel to alert facilities managers to any leaks and their location. The control panel also communicates with the web server to send an incident notification. Two Fast Fuel Sensors (FFS) were also installed to monitor the fuel tanks serving the back-up generator. Associated control panels identify which area of the building each probe protects and will display the area being monitored: So if there is a problem in the shark tank it will show as ‘shark habitat’. The central panel communicates remotely with a web server and sends event notification to the appropriate facilities manager to ensure the response plan is set in motion speedily.

Marcus Barrett, Facilities Manager Life Support at the Newport Aquarium commented. “With TraceTek I feel I have a top quality leak detection system which will prevent a million gallon disaster.”

TT-Flasher gains Hazardous Area Approval

Tyco Thermal Controls, a part of Tyco International and a global leak detection solutions leader has received Factory Mutual Class I, Division1 / Zone 0 /Ex ia approval for its TT-Flasher visual alarm and now includes it as a low-cost entry level system for tank farms in its portfolio of TraceTek fuel leak detection systems for hazardous areas. This flashing fuel spill alert meets the need of operators who conduct regular on-site inspections at their facilities and for whom a visual alert is considered sufficient to gain quick attention.

Following a number of highly publicised incidents of fuel spills and leaks at tank farms, operators have been under pressure from regulatory bodies to install effective and safe measures to identify fuel escapes before they can endanger safety or the environment. TT-Flasher can be linked to TraceTek leak detection cable and fast acting fuel sensor probes to provide first level alarm compliance or as a temporary alerting solution while enhanced systems for leak detection, location, monitoring and alarms are being specified for permanent installation.

Quick and inexpensive to install, the intrinsically safe, battery operated TT-Flasher activates when a leak is detected and emits a low energy warning signal designed to attract attention during walk/or drive-thru inspections. It draws less current than the self-discharge rate of the batteries, which have a two year life span. When the Flasher alert is triggered by a leak or a low battery alarm it will continue to flash for at least 30 days unless turned off.

For over 20 years, TraceTek systems have been at the forefront of  leak detection technology, and the ‘no-frills’ TT-Flasher joins the hazardous area system portfolio very much at the entry level. More advanced TraceTek systems encompass some of the petrochemical industry’s most advanced and effective fuel leak detecting, locating, monitoring and alerting systems. These range from stand alone systems through to fully integrated, automatic remote monitoring and warning installations and TraceTek systems are widely employed at bulk fuel storage and transfer facilities around the world, including military bases, petrochemical plants, civil airports etc.

JP Morgan turns to TTK in India

TTK Liquid Leak Detection systems have successfully installed JP Morgan sites in Mumbai, India. These multi storeyed sites at Magnus Towers- Malad, Paradigm Tower-Malad and TKP at Adheri are now being monitored for Water leak in critical areas of Data Centers, AHU/Electrical rooms and CRAC rooms.   TTK Liquid Leak Detection systems are now also involved with new builds for JP Morgan in Mumbai.

Global Switch and TTK partner again

TTK Liquid Leak Detection systems have just been chosen to protect Global Switch Asia-Pacific (Sydney and Singapore sites).  Several big Global Switch data centres around the world are being protected by TTK Liquid Leak Detection systems including:

  • 34,600 m² Paris 1
  • 17100m² Paris 2
  • 23,400m² London 1
  • 65,500m² London 2
  • 17,300m² Frankfurt
  • 38,700m² Amsterdam 

Beijing selects TraceTek!

Beijing World Financial Center is a two-tower commercial building located in Beijing CBD. This landmark intelligent building has selected TraceTek, the market leader, as the only Water Leakage Detection System to be installed. Total contract sum is around US$200,000 with more than 18,000 meters of TT1000 water sensing cables.

TraceTek take on Shanghai!

TraceTek water leak detection systems are being installed throughout the Shanghai World Financial Center - one of the world's tallest buildings.

To prevent disruption to business continuity, water sensing cables are being located in all sensitive environments, like the building's datacenters, computer rooms etc., and in close proximity to water services.Designed by Kohn Pedersen Fox for Mori Building Co ., the Shanghai World Financial Center, in the People's Republic of China, has 101 floors above ground and towers to a height of 492 metres (1614 ft.).

It is a 4 million sq ft. mixed use facility comprising prestige office space for world banks and financial institutions, a 180 room 5-star hotel, retail shopping mall, international conference facilities and observation decks.

Johnson Controls is providing the integrated building management systems for this landmark development and part of this responsibility includes the provision of water leak detection within the building.

Tyco Thermal Controls was able to satisfy the client that its modular TraceTek sensor cable systems offered high-integrity leak detection and precise location, provided by distributed rather than single point sensing.

TraceTek is simple to install and is supported by a digital communication network for integration into building management systems.

Some 4km of water sensing cable and 80 electronic control modules are being installed to safeguard data centers, computer rooms, air conditioning plant, kitchens and a swimming pool.

With its global presence, Tyco Thermal Controls was recognised as a secure partner for this major project and has been contributing 'local' technical support on leak detection right from the design phase.

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