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The following two systems comply to Building Research Establishment's BREEAM Credit Criteria, for more information click here.

BREEAM Water Leak Detection System [Type WG]


The Aqualeak BREEAM WG 'in-pipe' Water Leak Detection System was specifically designed to meet and exceed the Building Research Establishment's BREEAM Credit Criteria assessment applications, W02 and W03, and will qualify for the granting of the "Credit Point". These criteria are specified for energy efficient buildings where water leak detection is required between the property boundary and the building, and internally within the building. The system is designed to monitor water flowing through the incoming water pipe and if the amount goes beyond the adjustable pre-set limit this product will raise an alarm and [optionally] shut off the water supply. Similarly, the AquaPIR Systems will shut off the water supply in the washrooms to conform to BREEAM criteria W04.

The system comprises of a two-zone WG2 Control Unit which would be linked to two turbine sensors. The first turbine would be fitted just after the utilities water meter and would monitor the water pipe external to the building. The second turbine would be fitted just after the stop-cock inside, and would monitor for leaks within the building. The turbines provide a 'pulse' as water flows through them. Should the adjustable pre-set quantity of pulses/litres be exceeded, the WG system would provide local audio-visual alarms, and the output relay/s would provide a signal to remote alarms or BMS. If required, the system can also shut off the water supply via the optional solenoid valve/s.

The system is fully programmable to detect different leakage rates over set time periods. As the building may be occupied during the day and as the water usage may be constant, the Controller is also provided with an integral timer that can be set so that the System would operate only in 'out-of-hours' periods. The system can then either turn off the water completely at say 6pm, or can be set to alarm/shut off water on the basis of a quantity of water flowing through the Meter. WG Systems are available to suit a wide range of industrial pipe sizes: 15, 22, 25, 30, 40, 50, 65, 80, 100, 150 and 200mm (imperial 1/2" to 8"). 

Single zone WG1 System would be used in non-BREEAM applications requiring monitoring of a domestic incoming water supply into the building, for local monitoring of specific area/s and for providing individual shut-off facilities. Smaller domestic systems suitable for 15, 22 and 28mm are also available, with flow sensors rather than turbines, and with simpler more economical control systems. Domestic systems are widely used to monitor flats and houses and to shut off the water if a leak occurs.



The AquaPIR WC Occupancy Water Shutdown System is an automatic water shut-off system for when WCs and washrooms are not in use. It helps to prevent flooding and therefore can save on water. The system is BREEAM compliant to BREEAM criteria W04.

The AquaPIR module is ceiling surface mounted to a standard pattress box or can be supplied with on optional slimline single gang housing. The AquaPIR has a sensing footprint of 5m diameter and should be located centrally to the washroom. The extremity of monitoring can be up to 7m and therefore a single AquaPIR would normally be adequate for a typical washroom. For larger washrooms, additional AquaPIRs need to be added, and these should be wired in parallel. 

If the system is being used to control lighting, or monitoring of open plan areas, then the AquaPIR should be spaced at 5m intervals in all directions. The AquaPIR detects movement of a body passing through the detection zone. The sensitivity is adjustable. It also has adjustable time lag before switch-off if no movement is detected; adjustable 10 seconds to 40 minutes. In addition, the AquaPIR is fitted with daylight override feature to prevent the lights coming on when there is sufficient daylight.

The AquaPIR module controls a matched Solenoid Valve fitted in the water supply pipework on entry to the washroom. Connections are by standard mains rated cable. The system can be supplied with 1/2", 3/4" or 1" Solenoid Valve, - other valves to order. The Solenoid valve is off while the washroom is unoccupied and opens when the AquaPIR detects movement. Following the 'time lag' period, the AquaPIR will switch the valve off again. The valve will remain shut until the AquaPIR activates it again.



The Flood-Stoppa is a powerful self-contained composite Water Leak Detection and Automatic Water Valve Shutdown System designed specifically for Domestic, smaller Industrial, Office or Leisure applications. If the Flood-Stoppa detects a water leak, it automatically and immediately shuts the water supply valve and thereby prevents further flood damage. The Flood-Stoppa has been designed to monitor such equipment as washing machines, dishwashers, coffee machines, air conditioning units, water heaters, icemakers, showers, kitchens, bathrooms, utility rooms, tank rooms, attics, basements, caravans etc. 

The Flood-Stoppa can be used to monitor and shut off water to individual items and it can also be used to monitor and protect complete apartments or smaller houses. The typical location for the Flood-Stoppa for house or apartment applications would be just after the main incoming manual water stopcock. For water heaters and coffee machines is should be immediately before the water inlet into the machine.  

The Flood-Stoppa is totally complete with all the items necessary to make the system fully operative. Three pre-fitted cables are supplied; a 2m long mains cable, a 2m long Valve Control Cable, both glanded to the base of the cabinet, and a plug connected 2m Link Cable which connects to a 3m Linear Sensor Tape. The system can be supplied with either a 1/2" Solenoid Valve or a 3/4" Solenoid Valve, - other valves to order. Optional coupling adaptors are available to convert the 1/2” valve to 15mm piping and the 3/4” to 22mm piping.

The Sensor Tape should be positioned in the area being monitored, typically clipped to the floor of a kitchen below the washing machine, dishwasher and/or below adjacent kitchen cupboards. This could also be under a shower drain pan, or along suspect pipework in the basement/attic, or in a WC. Pads or Probes could be positioned in drip trays under coffee machines or under air conditioning units and Overflow Sensors could be fitted in overflow pipes of water tanks. Specific mains/valve/tape/sensor and link cable lengths are available to order

The Flood-Stoppa can also be configured not only to shut off the water supply but can also be configured to SWITCH OFF the POWER SUPPLY to the item being monitored. This can be either by hard-wiring the monitored item to terminals within the Flood-Stoppa or via an Aqualeak plug-through Adaptor between the plug and the mains socket. Shutting off the power can result in the solenoid valves on items such as washing machines closing, thereby stopping further flooding.

Flood Stoppa 4


The Flood Stoppa 4 is a miniature sophisticated four zone Water Leak Detection System designed for in larger houses or flats with multiple bathrooms, en-suites and kitchens. The Flood Stoppa shuts off a water solenoid valve if a water leak is detected. Also suitable for smaller industrial premises with several wet areas. The System advises audio/visually which zone has gone into alarm and can provide appropriate alarm signals to a Building Management System or other Remote Alarms. 

The Flood Stoppa 4 System comprises a mains powered control unit, a 240V solenoid valve, the interlinking cables, and the water sensors. Solenoid Valve sizes are to order, and can be either 'normally open or closed'. The valve would need to be fitted in the water supply pipework on entry to the building or the monitored area. The valve will shut off the water supply on any zone detecting water, and will hold it shut until the water is cleared. 

Four Leader Cables provided a link between the control panel to the water detection sensors. The Flood Stoppa 4 is can monitor for water leaks from Aqualeak sensor cables, sensor pads, sensor probes, and other specialised sensors. The leader cable distance between the Flood Stoppa 4 and the sensor/s, or the maximum linear sensor cable sensing distance, should not exceed an overall total of 30m. 

Each zone of the Flood Stoppa 4 is provided with local audible and visual alarms via zone LED Alarm Indicators, an internal Sounder and an external Mute Button. Additionally, each zone is provided with individual zone sensitivity adjustment to allow for specific site conditions.

The System is also provided with a 'valve shutdown override' feature. If the leak is of a manageable nature, it is possible to override valve closure by pressing the latching button. This will override the water detection circuit and immediately re-open the valve.

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